Age limit to laser eye surgery : Cost, procedures and treatments.

Age limit to laser eye surgery
Age limit to laser eye surgery

We discuss age limit to laser eye surgery, cost of laser eye surgery, how LASIK is done and benefits of laser eye surgery.

At what age do you get laser eye surgery? ( age Limit to laser eye surgery )

It is important to know the age limit to laser eye surgery as it is not possible to perform laser eye surgery in every age group. For this, you should be between the ages of 18 and 21as Laser eye surgery is not possible before this age, since vision changes and our vision is stable only after 18 years, or in some cases, until 21.

How much does laser eye surgery cost in USA, UK and India:

LASIK is not covered by insurance since it is considered cosmetic or elective and costs between $2,000 and $3,000 per eye. Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is a common surgery that corrects people's farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

In India, laser eye surgery costs an average of Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,20,000. Prices vary according to the city.

Despite being free on the NHS, laser eye surgery is only available in exceptional situations, so many people will not meet the criteria for eligibility and will have to undergo the procedure at a private clinic instead. LASIK prices being done privatly can range anywhere from £700 to £2500 per eye.

Can you get laser eye surgery if you are over 50 or maximum age to get laser eye surgery?

Age is usually not a factor in LASIK surgery eligibility, but rather the stability and health of the eye. LASIK surgery has a minimum age of 18 years old, but there is no age limit for laser vision correction.

How is the laser eye surgery procedure done? (Stages of laser eye surgery)

  1. Before laser eye surgery, eye drops are placed in the patient's eye to numb the eye.
  1. After this the eye surgeon gives some medicines to the patient to eat. The patient is then made to sit on the surgical chair. The doctor then stops the patient's eyelids from blinking with an instrument called a lid speculum.
  1. In the next procedure of laser eye surgery, the doctor reaches the cornea of ​​the patient's eye.
  1. Then a device is used to immobilize the eye.
  1. Due to which the patient normally feels slight pressure on the eye.
  1. Surgeons create a thin flap in the cornea of ​​the eye that can be temporarily folded.
  1. A computer controlled excimer laser is used in which light is shined directly on the eye and the cornea is reshaped.
  1. During this, a slight pressure is felt in the eyes, the patient does not feel pain in it.
  1. In the final stage of the laser eye surgery procedure, surgeons restore the corneal flap. It naturally stays in place and starts to heal within a few hours.

 What are the benefits of laser eye surgery?

  • The eyesight improves.
  • This surgery is completely safe.
  • During this surgery, the person has very little pain.
  • A person's vision improves soon after surgery or a day after.
  • There is no effect on eyesight after laser surgery.

For whom is laser eye surgery beneficial?

It may be beneficial for people with these conditions that are not very bad:

  • Blurred vision (astigmatism).
  • Those who have poor vision (hyperopia).
  • Those who have weak near vision (myopia).


The minimum age for laser eye surgery is 18 years old.

The FDA requires minimum age of 18 years old.

It is important to note that the laser eye surgery age limit varies from person to person. There are some who are in their early 30s and have had laser eye surgery. For instance, Taylor Swift has had the procedure done in her early 20s.

There are also others that have not had it done until they were in their 50s because of their fear of pushing back the natural aging process too much. The best practice is to speak to an eye specialist. 

Related questions:

Can LASIK fix old age eyes problem in the elderly?

Reshaping the cornea is how LASIK corrects vision. Presbyopia, on the other hand, results from the loss of flexibility and elasticity of the lens of the eye, and LASIK cannot stop the natural aging process of the lens.

Is eye laser surgery painful for patient?

LASIK Surgery - Is It Painful? LASIK surgery does not cause pain. Both of your eyes will be numbed with numbing eye drops by your surgeon before the procedure and  even though you may feel a little bit of pressure, you shouldn't experience any pain.

How long does eye laser surgery last for?

Laser eye surgery can take as little as a few seconds or as long as a few minutes! Really, it's that quick. We expect that you'll spend about ten minutes in the theatre, including getting ready for surgery and resting afterwards.

Can you blink during laser eye surgery procedure?

To prevent blinking, small medical devices hold open the eyelids during the procedure. Therefore, you are not allowed to close your eye or blink during the procedure. You won't have to blink as much because we keep the surface of your eye lubricated with drops.

Can your eyes deteriorate after laser eye surgery?

After undergoing laser eye surgery, the corneal changes made by the laser are permanent and completely stable. Your eyes rapidly adapt to your new vision. However, there is the possibility that your eyesight will deteriorate after Laser Eye Surgery due to an unavoidable part of the body's aging process, so it's best to speak to the doctor about this.

Can eyesight get worse again after LASIK?

Permanent changes are made to your eye's frontal tissues, and these changes last your entire life. Nevertheless, as we age, many people's vision weakens as LASIK cannot prevent this, so your vision may become blurry again as you age.

Is eye laser surgery safe?

Is LASIK a safe procedure? In general, LASIK is regarded as safe and low-risk, with a low complication rate compared to other procedures. The complication rate for LASIK is estimated to be less than 1%, making it one of the safest cosmetic procedures today.


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