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How to tell if yogurt is bad [Proper food storage]

Can yogurt go bad: We answer how to tell if yogurt is bad and what happens if you eat bad yogurt, how long yogurt lasts and does yogurt go bad if not refrigerated among other yogurt food safety related question. How to tell if yogurt is bad: Does yogurt go bad? That is what we are really interested in finding out and the answer to that question is YES , but there's more to it than that so check out our guide for yogurt food safety so you can enjoy this delicious dairy you've got in the fridge. How to check if Yogurt Is No Longer Fresh:  Yogurt is a fermented product that contains healthy bacteria which is necessary for digestion. Yogurt that has been left out at room temperature for too long can develop harmful bacteria so things to keep a check on for eating good and fresh yogurt are: Expiration date on the package: If you have expired yogurt then it may be sour and have an unpleasant taste. Smell:  The smell of your yogurt is also a good indicator of its freshness. Yogur