How to tell if yogurt is bad [Proper food storage]

Can yogurt go bad:
Can yogurt go bad:

We answer how to tell if yogurt is bad and what happens if you eat bad yogurt, how long yogurt lasts and does yogurt go bad if not refrigerated among other yogurt food safety related question.

How to tell if yogurt is bad:

Does yogurt go bad? That is what we are really interested in finding out and the answer to that question is YES, but there's more to it than that so check out our guide for yogurt food safety so you can enjoy this delicious dairy you've got in the fridge.

How to check if Yogurt Is No Longer Fresh: 

Yogurt is a fermented product that contains healthy bacteria which is necessary for digestion. Yogurt that has been left out at room temperature for too long can develop harmful bacteria so things to keep a check on for eating good and fresh yogurt are:

Expiration date on the package: If you have expired yogurt then it may be sour and have an unpleasant taste.

Smell: The smell of your yogurt is also a good indicator of its freshness. Yogurt should not have any strong odours if it has been stored properly however, if it smells bad then you should not eat it as this may indicate spoilage. 

Color: If you see any mold like white, green or any other color on your yogurt then discard it.

Liquid: There's no problem if a bit of water accumulates on top of yogurt, stir it up and enjoy but if there's an unusual amount of liquid on top of the creamy stuff then you might want to skip it because it's likely spoiled.

Does Yogurt Go Bad: 

Yogurt can go bad and it is dangerous to eat bad yogurt. It might seem hard to understand how something that is full of bacteria and yeast can spoil however, even-though yogurt has a lot of good bacteria, that doesn't make it immune to the bad bacteria. 

As with any dairy product, certain conditions (such as warm temperatures) encourage the development of bad bacteria additionally, yogurt that has been opened will spoil faster than yogurt that has not been opened.

When yogurt sits in the fridge too long (or worse, is not properly chilled) what happens then? Well, you're basically inviting molds, yeast and slowly growing bacteria to grow and ruin your yogurt. So never fear as our dairy product is as good as it gets as long as you store it correctly by freezing yogurt properly.

Can you eat expired yogurt?

In essence, the date that is stamped on your yogurt simply indicates when the manufacturer believes the product will taste it's best.

Yogurt with a best before date that has passed isn't technically spoiled yogurt and it is 100 percent okay to eat yogurt after it has passed its expire date. 

Keeping yogurt in your refrigerator will only make it acidic and increase fermentation and as for the flavour, it will just become tangier but as long as your have refrigerated yogurt properly and you cant see or smell anything funny from the yogurt then you can eat expired yogurt. 

Can yogurt go bad:
Can yogurt go bad:

How long past the use date yogurt usually last?

You can safely enjoy many unopened yogurts after the "best by" date for a month after it's past date.

When you've already opened the yogurt, it may only last up to one week after its expiration date. Yogurt can go bad faster if you dip a spoon or already licked back into the tub because bacteria and microorganisms in the air can cause the yogurt to spoil sooner.

What will happen if you do eat spoiled yogurt?

Unopened container: You'll likely only experience a little stomach upset if your spoiled yogurt came from an unopened container of spoiled yogurt.

Opened container: After eating spoiled yogurt from an opened container, you may experience painful stomach cramps and diarrhea.

But in both cases, the yogurt will taste and smell bad-meaning you won't even want to eat it. 

Unpasteurized (raw milk) yogurt: It is likely that your symptoms will be worse if you eat unpasteurised (raw milk) yogurt. Unpasteurised milk may be contaminated with nasty germs like listeria, salmonella and campylobacter among many others. Food-borne illnesses may cause dehydration and you should seek medical care if these symptoms occur.

How long is Yogurt good for when used in prepared dish:

Well, that depends on quite a few factors but as a general rule it lasts as long as the ingredients in the recipe with the shortest expiration dates.

Keep all the factor in mind like yogurt goes bad if you keep it opened outside the fridge for too long so it will go bad in a prepared dish too if you keep the dish out too long but if you freeze the prepared dish and all the other ingredients have the tendency to stay fresh frozen than the dish (which includes yogurt) will also stay fresh for long.

Can yogurt go bad:
Can yogurt go bad: Greek yogurts.

Can you eat yogurt after the expiration date:

Yogurt can be eaten after it has expired as it will last from one to three weeks after the best by date on the carton.

Knowing what types of yogurt last how long and how to store them is the key to eating and preserving yogurt longer.

Frozen yogurt: It can last up to two to three months in the freezer.

Drinkable Yogurt: 10 days in the fridge. You can store it in the freezer for up to two months.

Greek Yogurt: A week or two in the fridge. You can store eat greek yogurt when frozen for up to two months.

Low-Fat Yogurt: A week or two in the fridge. You can store it in the freezer for up to two months.

Yogurt with Fruit: You can keep it for 7 to 10 days in the refrigerator. One or two months when frozen.

Can You Freeze Yogurt:

Can you freeze yogurt? is a question people commonly ask.

It's a YES straightaway:

Different ways can be used to freeze yogurt to store it and the best strategy depends on how the yogurt will be used after defrosting or thawing.

People also asked:

A few common questions people asked about yogurt and using yogurt past its self life.

What to do with expired yogurt:

When you have checked the expiry date on yogurt and its passed but you think its fine but worried how to use it before it really goes bad like yogurt starts to change color or smell then there are a few different ways to use expired (not gone bad yogurt).

Marinate meat.
Make whipped cream.
Put in on salad.
Use it in baking.

What is yogurt Shelf-life?

How fast does yogurt go bad, well when properly stored yogurt has a shelf life of seven to fourteen days.

Does yogurt go bad if not kept refrigerated?

After you bring yogurt home from the store you should refrigerate it and you shouldn't leave yogurt at room temperature for longer than an one hour. In the absence of refrigeration, bacteria can grow and yogurt turns to spoiled yogurt.

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