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Can hats cause hair loss [Wear hats right with style]

Can hats cause hair loss: We explore can hats cause hair loss and also can dirty hats cause hair loss and can wearing tight hats cause hair loss. Can hats cause hair loss: Can hats cause hair loss? Straight answer is, NO. This article discusses some causes of hair loss which include genetics and health conditions among others and it also suggests that wearing hats too often could be a contributor to hair loss as it does lead to scalp damage The answer to this question is not entirely clear as one of the main reasons for hair loss in men and women is genetics and t here are no studies that support this claim but there are studies that show that wearing a hat can reduce the amount of sunlight exposure and therefore, reduce the amount of Vitamin D you take in. This is only an hypothesis and one factor that can cause baldness but it has not been proven that hats directly can cause hair loss. Wearing a hat does not make you lose hair however, if you wear your hat too tight or hats tha