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Best time of day to eat avocado [Best fruit for health]

Best time of day to eat avocado: We explore what is the best time of the day to eat avocado, best time to eat avocado for weight loss and what are the benefits of eating an avocado a day among other relevant topics. Best time of day to eat avocado: Avocados can be eaten at any time prior to breakfast and lunch throughout the day to improve health considerably. The researchers found that eating avocados for breakfast improved blood flow which could affect your blood pressure. The researchers also observed better blood-sugar and blood-fat levels following the meal compared to the standard meal without before having avocado. Avocado: Avacados are one of the most popular fruits in the United States where they are grown in warm climates all over the country. Avocado is believed to have originated in Mexico, Guatemala and Peru and so much so that the Aztecs considered avocados to be "the food of the gods." Avocados are also a well-known source of healthy fats and potassium which