Can hats cause hair loss [Wear hats right with style]

Can hats cause hair loss:
Can hats cause hair loss:

We explore can hats cause hair loss and also can dirty hats cause hair loss and can wearing tight hats cause hair loss.

Can hats cause hair loss:

Can hats cause hair loss? Straight answer is, NO.

This article discusses some causes of hair loss which include genetics and health conditions among others and it also suggests that wearing hats too often could be a contributor to hair loss as it does lead to scalp damage

The answer to this question is not entirely clear as one of the main reasons for hair loss in men and women is genetics and there are no studies that support this claim but there are studies that show that wearing a hat can reduce the amount of sunlight exposure and therefore, reduce the amount of Vitamin D you take in.

This is only an hypothesis and one factor that can cause baldness but it has not been proven that hats directly can cause hair loss.

Wearing a hat does not make you lose hair however, if you wear your hat too tight or hats that are very hot then a decrease blood flow to your hair follicles can happen which could temporarily cause excessive hair fall however, if you continue to wear a tight hat and a hard hat than this very well could damage your hair in a more excessive manner by continuous less blood flow and hair stretch.

How to wear a hat to not damage hair:

If your one of those people who wear hats a lot and are concerned if wearing hats will cause hair fall than keep these things in mind:

Clean hat:

Unwashed hats gather dirt, dust and also bacteria which can lead to an irritated scalp. This would not be good for your hair health in the long run.

Hat fabric:

Some people are allergic to certain fabrics and if you are one of those people check what fabric hat you're wearing as that can lead to irritation and inflammation in the scalp and effect healthy hair growth.

Hat in the sun:

If you wear a hat in hot weather for an extended period of time and regularly, the sweat can soak your scalp and cause irritation which can also be potentially harmful in the long run for hair health and can cause hair loss.

4:Tight hat:

Wear hats that are not tight as they rubs against your scalp, puts pressure or can even pull hair adversely which again causes irritation or maybe inflammation and done continuously can lead to hair growing thin, weak and eventually hair loss.

All of the above scenarios are related to wearing a hat the wrong way to get hair loss meaning, if you can avoid these and you already have healthy hair then hat wearing shouldn't be a problem for your hair care.

If you have been wearing hats not keeping the above factors into consideration and noticing a receding hairline then correct them and see your hair restoration.  

Can hats cause hair loss:
Can hats cause hair loss:

Where did this Urban hair loss myth start?

When people usually remove their caps or hats they notice a couple of hairs inside and addition, pretty much everybody's hair looks a little level after taking off their hat for a few hours so this is probably the start of the urban hair loss myths that wearing hats will cause hair loss or baldness.

Signs of hair getting hair weak or balding:

Hair loss can happen suddenly or gradually. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are a few common signs every body should look out for a receding hairline.

  • A diminishing hairline which would make make the forehead look bigger. 
  • A bald spot on the head (anywhere).
  • Hair starts to look thinner and less healthy. 
  • A thinner ponytail than usual.

What actually causes hair loss:

Wearing hats won't make your hair fall but hair loss is a common occurrence in people so what are the actual factors that can cause of hair fall:


If hair fall runs in the family then you should be prepared for it. Genetic hair loss happens slowly and usually happens during adulthood.

Men with hair loss genetic problems experience thinning hair above their foreheads usually and women experience an overall thinning of hair.

Hormonal changes: 

Hair growth and thinning hair are controlled by changes in the body’s hormone levels e.g during  pregnancy, childbirth and thyroid problems among many other, all have effects on hormones in your body which in turn affect your hair growth and hair loss.

Medical conditions: 

Fungal skin infection, diabetes, lupus and significant weight loss can also lead to hair loss. 

Medications and supplements:

A few people taking certain medication experience hair loss as a side effect. Seek medical advice when taking medication and supplements.


High stress levels are indirectly linked with hair loss issues and one of them being alopecia areata. It's  an autoimmune condition which is triggered by stress and causes patchy hair loss.

Some people, believe it or not pull out their own hair when they are  dealing with a negative or uncomfortable situation or feeling. This condition is called  trichotillomania.

Also feeling stressful physical or emotional shock can result in hair thinning.

Avoid stress for health improvement and hair restoration. 

Hairstyles and different hair treatments:

Over doing certain hair treatments or styling products of hair can also cause hair loss. Styles such as very tight ponytails can cause traction alopecia which leads to hair loss caused by a continuously applying force to the hair.

Also hot oil hair treatments and perms can harm the hair follicles as they may become inflamed and once the hair follicles scar, It can lead to permanent receding hairline and eventually to baldness.

Can hats cause hair loss:
Can hats cause hair loss:


While there's no scientific evidence that hats cause hair loss baldness in men and women, good news is it sure seems highly unlikely and another one of several hair loss myths.

If you are noticing a receding hairline, contact your GP/ hair loss dermatologists / physician for help  to identify the right causes and to find the best solution for you.

Wear your hat correctly to sustain healthy hair with some of the ways discussed earlier for safe results and be assured that wearing a hat will not make your hair fall.

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