Can't gain muscle [Complete guide to gaining muscle]

Cant gain muscle
Cant gain muscle:

We discuss why some can't gain muscle, why is it so hard to gain muscle, best breakfast for muscle gain and the reasons for not gaining weight. 

Can't gain muscle:

Everybody has heard about the benefits of weight lifting. It is a worthwhile activity to do but not everybody can do it. 

You've been DOING IT ALL, hitting the gym few days every week, you skip party time to ensure you get in your exercise before the day is finished and even when you're not supercharged you actually get yourself up and go to the gym but the issue is your body doesn't appear to react and can't build muscle fast, at-least not in a similar way as your friends who began lifting with you you are no where close to the poster on your wall of Mr Olympia or any other star personality you follow or you've made your target. 

There are some people who cannot gain muscle because they lack testosterone and they are not eating enough calories, or they have a medical condition. If you are having trouble gaining muscle and you think that you might be one of these people who cannot gain muscle then you might want to talk to your doctor.

IN THIS ARTICLE, We will try to provide you with some solutions if you don't have the above medical conditions to help you build muscles.

So, below are a 6 reasons "why am i not gaining muscle" for skinny guys and 3 bonus tips that would help stimulate muscle and gain weight.


6 Actions to take to weight gain and build muscle fast:

Eat wholesome food:

A normal gym lifter can hope to gain a few pounds of bulk a month around 1-2 pounds of muscle but when you're not gaining any muscle, you are deemed to ask why?

One of the fundamental issues of not building muscle is not eating enough and more critically, not eating enough of the right food. Everybody will tell you to have more proteins to gain mass yet carbs and fats are similarly as significant with regards to developing muscle.

Your each day target should be on 2.2g of protein along with 5.5g carbs and also 0.9g fats per Kg body weight to have a correct food intake.

Using a calorie app is a good choice when you are doing weight training.

Rest periods and sleep:

This is occasionally the most ignored thing gym goers do because your muscles and body need rest periods to recharge, around 8 hours of sleep. It's all about listening to your body. 

If you're not a morning person and you are going to the gym in the mornings but feel and stay tired during gym sessions then no point doing exercise. You need to stop.

Go to the gym when your body is awake and active to get maximum results.

(Listen to and understand your body and keep periods and active lifestyle)


In case you're not 100% committed don't expect 100% in return. This means doing everything correctly like rest, steady exercises and right food intake. 

If you're unwell take rest periods but you shouldn't skip gym to go to that Friday night party or just do half of your rep range on Monday making excuses of it being a "Monday".

To gain muscle, make it a goal which requires you to show responsibility, show consistency and commitment like any other goal.

So be committed and stay consistent.

Cant gain muscle
Cant gain muscle:

Lifting more heavy weight:

Working out but not gaining weight? well If you're at the gym to build muscle fast then you need to lift heavy, so set a target of increasing weights every week to shock the muscle to add muscle.

Limit your cardio:

Even though cardio is good strength training and is good for our health, when your mission is to gain lean muscle then doing a lot of cardio hinders the muscle gain. Your main aim is to work on weight and on your reps and if you can manage that properly then add cardio in between but lifting heavy. Improving your rep range and protein intake should be your main focus.


Can't gain muscle mass? It's because after exercise your body is in desperate need of more nutrition like protein intake. Calorie deficit body will not gain weight for skinny guys even if they lift heavy weight so get the best and most natural supplement and protein shakes out there to feed your body with the nutrients it requires to gain weight.


  • If you've been doing all of the things above mentioned like staying consistent, eating right, sleeping and are also increasing weight every week and still not seeing muscle gain then use the “shock the muscle” approach. Change your exercise routine to stimulate muscle growth that should do the trick.

Concentrate on surprising and shocking your body for muscle growth.

  • Avoid market muscle mass gainer shakes as they have a lot of preservatives, artificial flavours and sugar. Make your own shakes with healthy and natural ingredients like milk, powdered protein and ground flaxseeds, ground oats and many many more, even dried coconut for getting healthy fats for your body. 

Make your own protein shakes that are natural and you're sure what you're putting in your body and that will work for your body and muscle gain.

  • Share and learn. You don't have to go through your body transformation  and healthy weight gain all alone because if you're not getting the required results then frustration will set in and you'll quit soon. Speak to friends or personal trainer who do strength training or maybe even online groups and share your concerns and results and you will get helpful tips which will motivate you and you'll also learn better tricks.

Frequently asked questions:

A few mass gain related questions often asked:

How do you go from being a skinny guy to muscular?

Top 5 tips for becoming muscular from skinny to add lean muscle:

  • Eat lean meat.
  • Add more meals to your day.
  • If you can't get calories from food then add it through drinks.
  • Avoid market shakes as they are full of sugar and less on nutrients. Make you own shakes with natural and healthy ingredients.
  • Eat dried fruits to get you required calories.

What is the best breakfast for muscle gain?

The best breakfast options to gain muscle are:
  • Protein pancakes as weekend breakfast.
  • Protein smoothies.
  • Wholemeal bread with peanut butter on top.
  • Simple and nutritious, eggs and beans.
  • Berries and nuts with greek yogurt.
  • Scrambled eggs with avocado.

Why am I not building muscle as a female muscle gainer?

Eating more and eating correctly is most important and a basic reason for women not gaining muscles could be only concentration of intaking proteins and ignoring carbs and fats. 

Eat wholesome nutritional food required for muscle gain that goes for males and females both.

Why is it so hard to gain muscle?

No pain no gain:

It's hard work to eat right with appropriate amounts of proteins, carbs and fats and also to take rest. Listen to your body and stay consistent.

It's hard but your body with the right weight training program in time will gain healthy weight also, shock the muscle ever so often by changing your rep range and routine and that will help in gaining muscle.

Why can't I build any muscle in my arms?

Weight training with more Squat and Deadlift will help build the arms you want much faster than curls and triceps extensions. 

Also eat right and a lot with regular intervals (around 6 times a day).


There are bunches of reasons why you're not gaining muscle. 

It's a great deal about knowing your own body otherwise you won't get toned up and frustration will kick in. Gaining weight and muscle growth  requires a-lot of discipline and hard work like, staying consistent and positive, eating the right nutrients appropriately, sleeping and increasing weights, regularly shocking the muscles, exchanging tips and concerns and a active lifestyle are all crucial for muscle gain.

It's hard to gain muscle but if you follow the above points and stay positive you will soon see the results and muscle gains.