How long do oranges last [Best tips and tricks]

How long do oranges last
How long do oranges last:

We answer how long do oranges last and after how long to oranges go bad. We also answer about more ways of using oranges and oranges health benefits.

How long do oranges last :

Oranges are nutritional, delicious and an invigorating fruit treat. They're wonderful to pack as a nibble for school, work or for an open air experience. 

If  you are buying oranges in bulk from the market you might be considering how long they'll last or maybe when would the oranges turn sour, if so then how might you store them as there is no expiry date or best use by date on them. 

How long are Oranges good for:

Food safety for oranges is usually,

  • Pantry: 8-10 days (dark and cool place).
  • Fridge: 30 days.
  • Freezer: 10 months.
  • Canned: 1 year.

Why you should store Oranges:

A few advantages of stockpiling and food storage is that it reduces food expenses as you can buy cheaper either when it's at discount or in bulk when they are available (either way helps to save money), then store it and use it when required. 

Also, storing oranges or food in general helps the climate and society as a whole by keeping away food and avoiding unnecessary food waste.

Storing oranges properly will also reduce food related illness.

Can oranges go bad?

How to tell if an orange has gone bad? well, like all new natural and fresh products oranges can turn sour and they do go bad. 

When an orange is picked from the tree it will last around three weeks at room temperature. Obviously, oranges in good condition at the supermarket are more or less seven days old, thus an orange shelf life of realistic usability will be decreased to about possibly 14 days on your counter. 

Putting away entire oranges in the fridge can stretch out their life to as long as a months. Refrigerated oranges once taken out should be either eaten or put away in the vegetable cabinet to expand their time span of usability and maintain moisture. 

How long do oranges last
How long do oranges last:

How to store oranges:

The best way to properly store oranges can be divided from short term to long term:

Short term Orange storing:

Oranges can be kept at room temperature for up-to 10 days and as long as they have been plucked about a week back and they don't change colour or turn too soft and start to smell.

Medium term Orange storing:

You can refrigerate oranges for up-to a month but be sure to refrigerate oranges in a bag for them to stay fresh.

long term Orange storing:

Freezing oranges to increase their time span of usability isn't suggested as their high water content will  leave behind a watery orange ball in your freezer which can not be consumed but if you still want to freeze oranges, peel the oranges to orange slices and remove seeds before freezing them.

For best outcomes, the oranges pieces can be dipped in a layer of sugar syrup and stored in an airtight container and that way oranges can stay in the cooler for as long as a year. 

Other ways of storing Oranges:

You can you juice the oranges and can freeze orange juice:

Yes: Move the squeezed orange to a jar or air tight container then  simply put it  in the cooler and you're finished.

You can also freeze orange juice in ice-cube trays.

How to store Orange juice:

Open your container (regardless of whether it hasn't been opened at this point) and spill out a touch of squeezed orange to make air space at the top. If you don't make air space, once frozen the carton could burst so make sure to leave airspace in an orange juice carton before freezing it. It's that simple.

Signs of spoilage of oranges:

How to tell if an orange has gone bad.

Turn soft:

At the point when oranges are starting to ruin they will soften from the outset and afterward white mold will immediately spread and become green. Oranges ought to be disposed off when they begin to turn soft. 


Discolouration is a good sign that oranges are going bad.

While checking for lighter patches on the oranges and checking for solidness, the softer the oranges with different colour patches the less the life span remains. 


Smell is a pleasant sign of whether an orange has been ruined. 

New oranges ought to have a fresh and zesty aroma by any means, so if you smell anything in peeled oranges like a fermented smell then it's a good indicator that it is a bad oranges.

How long do oranges last
How long do oranges last:

Oranges health benefits:

  • Juicy fruit.
  • Vitamin rich. 
  • keeps the immune system strong. 
  • Rich in Vitamin C, which is vital for our body. 100 grams of oranges contain under 30 kcal. So, If you are planning to lose weight then oranges are your best friend.

More ways of using Oranges:

There are a few different ways oranges can be consumed.

  • You can use them as refreshing orange juice full of vitamin C.
  • Use them in smoothies by adding bananas, pineapple and good fruit juice.
  • Use oranges in fruit salads.
  • You can give them to kids by mixing them in chocolate yogurt.

Tips about oranges:

There are 2 most common available types of oranges at grocery store: 

  • Navel: which are good for eating.
  • Valencia: good for juice.

Ideal keeping of oranges is cool at room temperature (not cold) as cold will make it lose most of its nutrients and try to place them in the dark.


  • Pick smaller oranges as they are most tasty.
  • Never store oranges in polythene.
  • If you are planning to keep oranges at room temperature, rub a little vegetable oil on the oranges to extend their life.
  • Don't cut oranges unless you want to eat them and peeled oranges go bad in a day or 2.
  • Never freeze navel oranges because they turn bitter.

Frequently asked questions:

Some questions are:

What are the best oranges for juicing:

The following are the best oranges for juicing in ascending order.

6: Navel

5: Clementine.

4: Blood orange

3: Satsuma

2: Tangerine

1: Valencia

How long do oranges last in fridge:

If you keep them in a bag and rub a little a vegetable oil on them then oranges will stay fresh for about a month in the fridge.

A lot of people concerned about food safety don't know how long do oranges last in the fridge or they may also be concerned about the shelf life of oranges.

The storing process can affect how long oranges last. If you buy oranges in season, they may last as long as three months in fridge. They may also last one month if you buy them and store them properly off season. 

Oranges will start to spoil if they are not stored properly and they will not last for more than a week or two. In contrast to other citrus fruit, oranges are more delicate and have a shorter shelf life and that is why we recommend that you refrigerate them as soon as possible after buying them.

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