Best tips of living a happy and healthy life at home

happy and healthy life at home
Happy and healthy life at home:

We discuss the best tips of living a happy and healthy life at home and how and few tips and strategies on making your home a happy place.

Happy and healthy life at home:

Your home is your safe haven. It should be a place where you can feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy. Hence, It is imperative that people prioritise their health and happiness when it comes to living in a home. If we make the right choices, we can find a beautiful and safe living environment in which to enjoy our lives.

This article provides information about getting a happy and healthy life at home and tips on how to make your home a happier, healthier place.

The most important thing people forget is that health and happiness are highly interconnected but there are different paths for achieving them both, that is:

Happy life at home,


Healthy life at home.

Meaning the things you would do to have a happy life at home are totally different from things and arrangements you would make to have a healthy lifestyle at home but these both paths would leads to healthy and happy life at home, so lets see them both individually, that is:

Happy life at home:

Below are 9 things to work on immediately to starting enjoying a happy life at home:

Bedroom comfort:

Happiness and health is a key component of life and achieving these two goals does not always need to be as difficult as it seems. According to research, there are certain areas in the home that can have an effect on our well-being. The first one is the bedroom. The bedroom should be a place of comfort and beauty which we look forward to going to at the end of the day. Keep your bedroom as your trademark and you will always feels happy and rejuvenated there. 

Happy and healthy life at home
Happy and healthy life at home:

Declutter for a happy home:

A happy home should be a relaxing place where you can recharge, but if  you're feeling pressured by unopened mail, or fearing you'll knock over your computer, it may be a source of stress. A clean environment is said to encourage a clear mind, and the pursuit of cleanliness is next to godliness so don't let things and stuff pile up and keep your home clutter free and when things are organised you will see the difference.

Not worrying, staying happy:

Oftentimes, we become obsessed with what the home 'should' and 'shouldn't' be, and neglect what we really want for our home. The enhancement of your home, leveraging fashion trends - these are all good to do if they align with your tastes, but most houses should be your primary residence, rather than an investment. When you live in a happy, healthy home, you avoid worrying about property values or comparing yourself to your neighbours or trying to make it look a certain way to compete with others rather make it a place which soothes you.

living space vibe:

Stress can be caused by a constantly untidy and chaotic living space. All of us feel stressed at times. The adverse effects of chronic stress can be felt by people whose sources of stress are constant and who live in stressful environments. The adverse effects of chronic stress include heart disease, obesity, and depression. Choosing what you love and surrounding yourself with beauty can help boost positive emotions, so go for what you love, like:

  • Frame the pictures you love. Use stylish frames to liven up your room
  • Fresh flowers are likely to elicit positive emotions (studies show that flowers trigger these feelings)
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • You can use your favourite photos (and your child's drawings if you have any) to create a gallery wall.
  • Don't overcrowd your display with mementos, just a few that you love
  • Repaint the walls e.g Incorporate blue into your design. Blue can make you feel happy, calm or full of energy and boldness.
  • Don't be afraid to use colour. Utilise your favourite colours for pillows, vases, etc.
  • Keep receipts, mail, etc. organised using stylish containers.
  • Make your home more beautiful by using plants
  • Make your pantry healthy by stocking it with healthy foods
  • Create a stylish coffee table. It shouldn't be cluttered. Try to keep it as simple as possible.

Keep company with good people:

Spend all the time you can with people who you enjoy spending time with. You will be excited and energised by interacting with people who have similar interests and radiate positivity. Also, reconnect with an old friend. A good way to check in on an old friend is to contact him/her and ask how they are doing. Invite them over and see the energy in your house.

Happy and healthy life at home
Happy and healthy life at home: Have friends over.

Use “PAST” appropriately if you want to be happy in life:

It is impossible to change the past. For a happy lifestyle, consider living in the moment and thinking about your present and future rather than thinking about your mistakes of the past. If you've had a good past then maybe in your spare time, take out all your childhood and teenage stuff and photos where you had fun. You will feel better when you see them and alternatively if your past is of bad memories try to forget that and try to live in the moment and make changes in yourself and your surroundings for better living and happy living space.

Always learn and try new things:

When we learn something new that we can do better than the rest we feel happy. Don't you think so? Try to improve your current skills or try new things as often as possible so that you have a purposeful life and you house should have a designated palace where you can learn and experiment on your new found passion, It doesn't matter how big or small your house is as long as you have passion you can always make space for it in your house.

Be appreciative:

The world offers a variety of things that we can benefit from and it's important that you do those things that you enjoy doing more. Still, not everything can make us happy.  There are people out there who dream of having those things you've got in your life. You should be thankful for what you have and count your blessings. This will return you to inner peace and make your life more fulfilling.


According to studies, mindfulness meditation can decrease anxiety and improve mood, while reducing cortisol levels, the stress hormone. YouTube has plenty of online classes if you don't know where to begin. The benefits of meditation includes:

  • Rethinking stressful situations from a different perspective.
  • Being aware of one's own needs.
  • Being present in the moment.
  • Improving emotional well-being.
  • Growing patient and tolerant.
  • Stress management skills.
  • A better ability to imagine and be creative.
Happy and healthy life at home
Happy and healthy life at home: Meditation.

Using meditation to improve mental and emotional health is something everyone can do and it can be done anywhere, without specialised equipment or membership or alternatives include meditation classes and support groups.

The health of our body is important for our well-being but also affects how we feel every day.

It is imperative that people prioritise their health and happiness when it comes to living in a home. If we make the right choices, we can find a beautiful and safe living environment in which to enjoy our lives.

This below information provides healthy life at home information and how to make your home a healthier place.

Healthy life at home:

7 Things you can do to have a healthy life at home:

Eat nourishing food:

Wholesome foods are essential to health, yet a common misconception is that they can be used as a way to lose weight. As stated in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, you need to consume a balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and whole grains for optimal health and energy. We are, in some sense, what we eat. Make sure you eat foods from all the food groups in order to get a range of nutrients that will keep you energised all day. Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables are best, including dark, leafy greens and broccoli, carrots, yams, and sweet potatoes, which are rich in nutrients. Protein options for healthy eating include fish and legumes. Try to eat 3 ounces of whole grain a day, such as cereal, bread, rice, or pasta In addition, you can cook from scratch, i.e. have a greater say in what goes into the foods you eat by preparing your own domestic meals.

Happy and healthy life at home
Happy and healthy life at home: Eating healthy.

Other food related healthy activities tips you should adopts are:

Eat slowly:

Improved digestion, improved hydration, easier weight management, and better satisfaction from your meals are some of the benefits of slow eating.

Check food labels:

If you are buying food, look at the calorie, fat, salt, and sugar content on the labels in order to make healthier choices..

Cut down on sugar:

Snacks with sugar don't fill you up, and sugar rushes only lead to overeating. When possible, choose fruit and nuts for snacks.

Control salt intake:

Consuming less than six grams of salt a day is recommended for adults. Be aware of the salt content in ready meals, and avoid adding salt to food at the table.

Get regular exercise:

Have you ever felt lethargic half way through the day? Have you ever been drained by simple everyday activities, like grocery shopping or household chores? According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, you should get 150 minutes of activity a week to increase your energy and not deplete it. But how? By exercising you release stress, strengthen your muscles, increase endurance, and improve your overall performance. When you are physically fit you’ll enjoy and be active at home to do more things at home and make your home a happy place.

Address your sleep:

Poor sleep has been linked with everything from low mood and fatigue, to shortened life expectancy in the longer term, so creating a conducive sleep environment is an essential step for a healthy home.

Happy and healthy life at home
Happy and healthy life at home: Sleep.

You can use simple tricks to improve your sleep like use ear plugs to cut out street noise, and dust the area around your bed. If you're tossing and turning all night long, there may be a problem with your bed, like a low-quality mattresses can cause stiffness and back pain as well as disturbed sleep. It’s easy to undervalue the significance of sleep but the more priority you give to time spent in slumber, the more productive and energised you’ll be during the day.

A good night’s sleep is crucial to making you feeling your at your best. Most people need a minimum of eight hours of  quality sleep every night, so make sure to have a set bedtime.

Invest in an air purifier:

There is no getting around the fact that exhaust fumes, chimney smoke, and particulate emissions are just part of living in the city. Cleaners can help you maintain a healthy home.

The benefits of air purifiers

  • Relief of Asthma Symptoms.
  • Ensures indoor environments are free of hazardous chemicals.
  • Odors are neutralised.
  • Airborne diseases are reduced.
  • Sleep has improved.
  • Get rid of harmful Radon.
  • Asbestos particles are eliminated.
  • Increases life expectancy.

Wake up early and breathe the fresh morning air:

It is advantageous to be a morning person for many reasons. An early morning workout or yoga class can contribute to a healthy lifestyle as you can get fresh oxygen from trees and also early morning waking can also be beneficial for getting a lot accomplished in the day's first couple of hours. The evenings can be used for fun activities or some quality time with family & friends.

Try to slowly wake up 10 -20 minutes earlier each day if you are not accustomed to waking up early. This will help you get used to waking up early without straining yourself too much. Also when you wake up early To have a productive day, you should never skip breakfast and that provides you energy for the day.

Drink more water and get healthier:

Human body mass is composed of 60% water. Human cells use water to transport nutrients so in order to stay fit, you should drink enough water. Drinking water throughout the day and not skipping breakfast will ensure the body maintains a constant temperature so that our organs can function properly. Stay away from drinking alcohol or other fizzy drinks and if you still want to consume alcohol then stay within the recommended weekly limit of 14 units.

Take vitamin D supplements:

Vitamin D deficiency is common in most Americans. Diabetes, heart disease and cancer may be prevented with the help of this vital vitamin. In adults, the Institute of Medicine recommends taking 600 to 800 IU (international units) of vitamin D per day. Also, make yourself a recurring appointment once a month to check yourself for any new moles, marks, or changes to shape, size and texture of any area of your skin. Any change in your skin should be discussed with a dermatologist online.

Other important tips for a Happy and healthy life at home:

Keep online negative news to a minimum.

Learn to say no as you can't please everyone.

Try to learn something new as this keeps you excited and energetic.

Detox from all media and take part in a physical activity, as simple as a walk.

Ask for help from people you love and trust.

Alway think positive.

Eat more fruit than juices.


The tips provided above are very simple yet effective. One of the most important things to remember is that the person who lives in the house should be taking care of it, meaning they must keep it clean and neat. Other than this, the person who lives in the house should also be taking care of their own health by eating healthy food and exercising regularly because nobody else is coming to do it for you.

A happy and healthy life at home is the dream of every person. It is much more than just a house. It's about having the time to do the things you want to do, feeling safe, and experiencing satisfaction.

A happy and healthy life at home is one of the best that we can have. So, we should make deliberate efforts to make it a place where we feel happy, comfortable, and safe.